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Inspired solutions in public relations, communications and issues management

About us

Red PR delivers comprehensive communications solutions to help you engage more positively with your clients/stakeholders by making effective use of all available channels. Be inspired as we help you to identify and implement the best strategy to deliver your messages to the right audience on time and on budget.

George Temple offers 30 years’ experience in the private and public sectors as a communications manager, editor and journalist. He will help you identify dynamic and creative solutions that will deliver effective communications strategies that suit your business needs. George’s inspired approach will help mitigate risk in communications planning to protect and enhance reputation. His broad writing skills will meet your communications needs from reports and speeches to online and print publications. He also works closely with experienced associates when clients need access to further specialist skills.


Our services

Strategic communications and issues management

The Red package

We don’t confuse you with fancy jargon or deliver even ‘fancier’ invoices. We just deliver!

Communications management

Get your messages right, keep them targeted and deliver them through the channels your clients/stakeholders are using. At Red PR, we design corporate communications strategies for all your internal and external needs.

Public relations

Red PR will develop public relations packages to maximise your exposure with clients/stakeholders by identifying and working with your point of difference. Your package will be designed for your needs using traditional communications tools such as media releases, publications and scripted videos, as well as social media where recommended.

Stakeholder engagement

Consulting with stakeholders through their communications channels to inform your decisions will create better understanding and long-lasting positive relationships that bring the best results for everyone. Red PR can help clients develop stakeholder engagement plans that foster vibrant community partnerships.

Digital and print publications

Red PR writes for all occasions and mediums. Whether it’s writing for the web or print publications, information needs to be to the point, easy to understand and unambiguous. We are experienced in producing high-quality publications for print and online delivery.

Writing for the web

We are experienced in writing for the web and producing high-quality website content. You want your website to engage your audience and keep them coming back! We can help you keep your content tight, direct and grammatically correct!

Social media solutions

Many people want information 24/7 in bite-sized pieces while giving them the opportunity to share their opinions/experiences. Social media is an instant and responsive communications/stakeholder engagement channel and Red PR can help with strategic planning and messaging so you can avoid the gaffs that have left many public identities red-faced!


We call on our many years of industry experience in providing advice on your photographic requirements. We are experienced in taking photographs for public relations material and use only high-quality equipment and personnel. We also have access to a range of specialist professional photographers, as required.

We can also help with all your writing needs and responding to tender requests.

How we work

Inspired solutions

We get inspired solutions by working with you, discussing your issues, your needs and your point of difference. Together we develop solutions that you can own and manage – or we can do it for you.


  • We work and respond to changing needs quickly and efficiently
  • We are flexible in our thinking, developing ideas that are out of the red box
  • We write for all occasions – reports, business proposals, award and funding submissions, speeches, company policy statements, promotional materials, even those difficult government tenders
  • We design a package to a budget.

Conscious of the red line, we generally charge by the hour so you pay for only what we actually do.
If you prefer, we can set a contract price.

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